Olympus Has Fallen

The critics agree: Olympus Has Fallen to the top spot in our America-loving hearts!

Glenn Kenny of MSN Movies calls Olympus Has Fallen ”admirable” and “noble.”

David Denby of The New Yorker exclaims that the movie is “Die Hard in the White House”!  Vulture’s David Edelstein goes a step further, calling the film “Die Hard squared.”  If we’ve done our math correctly, that means it’s even better than Die Hard!

A.O. Scott, writing for The New York Times, found the “elaborate conspiracy” to be “clever” and “interesting.”

Tara Brady of Irish Times offers the most straightforward rec of all, noting that “Olympus Has Fallen is the movie for you” because it is “a masterpiece.”  Wow!  We’re sold!

Olympus Has Fallen

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