What A Twist!

The numbers agree: After Earth is an out-of-this-world hit! The M. Night joint pulled in $27 million this weekend, topping the box office charts.

Its competition never stood a chance: Frances Ha made a pathetic $552 thousand, proving once and for all that American audiences simply prefer their films in color.

While it’s not uncommon for Big Willie to beat out independent dramas, what’s startling is how he and his son steamrolled mega-stars like Robert Downey, Jr. (whose Iron Man 3 grossed a measly $8 million) and Tom Cruise (whose Oblivion amassed only $389 thousand).

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s highly anticipated comedy The Internship goes up against the Man in Black next week, but we’ll throw this out there now: we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Fresh Prince in the #1 spot for the rest of the summer!

What A Twist!

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