The Internship

Each Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans!  Here’s what you’re saying on Twitter about The Internship:

@MrEnterta1nment tweets: “Best friend got free tix to see an advance screening of The Internship. Not too keen on the flick but nothing beats advance and free.” We agree!  Looks like it might be the best film of ‘13!

@kokeeffe22 tweets: “Best day at the internship yet. I forgot how much I love arts writing!”  We read the screenplay too!  Laughed our you-know-whats off!

@CassieT_13 explains: “Need to see The Internship, The Purge, Fast 6 and This Is The End. All my money is gonna go to like movies lolol.”  There is literally nothing we’d rather spend money on, Cassie!

@willschwan confused us: “The internship looks hilarious!!”  Are you talking about the film or your unpaid job, dub?

@belenxoxo posts: “I haven’t received a phone call about the internship #ineedthis” Silly, the film doesn’t call you!  You call the film!  1-800-777-FILM.  Find the next showtime for The Internship!

The Internship

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