AMC Theatres [Sponsored]


The critics agree: AMC Theatres are the cleanest in the world!

@mustaffa__ raves: “I love all these dumb blondes at AMC Theatres.” They’re Clueless, right?

@CheyenneDorner says: “Catch me at amc theatres.”  The only thing we like catching more than Cheyenne at AMC Theatres is a GREAT MOVIE with an ice cold COKE.

@antranikmedina asks: “Is the whole state of New Jersey at the AMC theatres?”  Um, yes!  Where else would they be, silly?  Certainly not at a Regal!

@Kymekay notes that AMC Theatres are currently playing the new Hanson single throughout the day.  Yes, folks, that’s right: you not only get the best movies, you get the best music too!

@LittleRedPills tweets: “AMC theatres (or theaters, whatever) is the biggest reason going to movies is so” awesome and affordable now.  Can’t say it better than that, Screamy McMurderface!

AMC Theatres [Sponsored]

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