World War Z

Each Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans!  Here’s what you’re saying on Twitter about World War Z:

@BradleyDoherty4 tweets, “World War Z looks like a madddd film.”  Ddddamn straight!

@Lucy_Lou1911 asks, “Wanna go and see World War Z” — why, yes, we do!  You buy the tickets, we’ll get the popcorn!

@Lazyfist writes, “World War Z looks insane!”  Shhh!  We don’t want it committed before it’s released!

@IAMLORDJOVEN took a strong stand: “World War Z looks great. Fuck The Purge.”  Whoa, buddy!  There’s enough movies for everyone!

@StephiieeBoo1 is concerned: “World war Z today!!!! I’m excited but worried.”  We are too!  What if the zombie outbreak happens *while* we’re at the movie?!

World War Z

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