Kevin Carr


The critics agree: there’s no better movie critic than Kevin Carr!

That’s right: for our inaugural Critic of the Month award, we’re recognizing Kevin Carr of 7M Pictures. Kevin has all of the qualities we love in a critic: he loves movies and loves to write!

In honor of his award-winning month of work, we wanted to share several of Kevin’s movie recommendations with you from the past year. This should give you a sense of his excellent taste:

  • Just like us, Kevin loved After Earth. He calls Jaden Smith “a strong actor” and “a one-in-a-million type of star.”
  • Kevin also raved about Atlas Shrugged Part II. He calls the Atlas Shrugged films “footnotes in cinema history.” Sounds important! We’ll check ‘em out, Kev.
  • Another thing we love about Kevin: he’s got a potty mouth! He put it to good use in his review of The Heat, which he calls “fucking clever.” This review is rated R … for Remarkable!
  • Kevin can’t get enough of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, calling the duo “a bankable comedy team” in his review of The Internship. Let’s cross our fingers for Wedding Crashers 2, buddy.
  • Finally, how about a classic pick? One of Kevin’s all-time favorite movies is Hannah and Her Sisters.  Kevin notes that he’s “a Woody Allen fan” and that the writer/director is “a pillar in my filmmaking tastes.” We haven’t heard of Woody or this film, but we’re excited to examine both based on Kevin’s recommendation.

As you can see, Kevin has a broad taste in film. His palette is remarkable, and we recommend you keep tabs on him in the future. This critic is going places … aside from the movies, that is!

Congratulations, Kevin, from all of us here at The Critics Agree!

Kevin Carr