The critics agree: R.I.P.D. stands for Rollicking, Interesting, Provocative and Deep!

Scott Weinberg of FEARnet says R.I.P.D. is “great” and predicts that it will be “raking in huge bucks” this weekend.

ScreenDaily’s Tim Grierson calls the film “hip, zippy, [and] irreverent,” likening it to Men in Black.

Frank Swietek at One Guy’s Opinion thinks R.I.P.D. is “loopy and cool,” describing it as a “veritable orgy” of master filmmaking.

Mania.com’s Rob Vaux characterizes the movie as “popcorn fun” but notes there is also an “invested voice behind it all.”

Bill Gibron of Film Racket recounts that R.I.P.D. is “a series of” breathtaking “set-pieces,” “funny references, and a whole lot of” excitement.