2 Is The New 1!


The numbers agree: people love movies with the number ‘2’ in the title!

2 Guns (pictured above) rode its ‘2’ all the way to the Number ‘1’ spot with $27.3 million, while Smurfs 2 used its ‘2’ power to pull into the Number ‘3’ spot with $18.3 million. In the number ‘2’ spot was the ‘2’-less The Wolverine, which earned $21.7 million.

In independent film news, the surprising re-release of Blue Valentine earned $2 million across 50 screens this weekend, which means it had an impressive $40 thousand per screen average. Those who are shocked should take note: don’t ever underestimate the earning power of Ryan Gosling. There’s a reason he was recently cast in Jurassic Park 4.

Next week sees the release of ElysiumPlanes and We’re The Millers. Will they be held back by their lack of ‘2’s? Tune in to this space next week to find out!

2 Is The New 1!