Each Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans! Here’s what you’re saying on Twitter about the new movie jOBS:

@jdfthechef notes a fascinating Ashton Kutcher/Steve Jobs link: “Steve Jobs … did play Kelso at one point.” Whoa! We obviously need to revisit That 70s Show.

@Alyssa_Kid writes, “I want to see the movie jOBS about Steve Jobs.”

@anthony_errante says, “Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs? What a jokeeee.” Maybe it’s a comedy, Anthony!

@Mathyou_Hurrell is not convinced: “Ashton Kutcher making a Steve Jobs movie? I think yes.” Rest assured, Matthew, it’s actually happening! It opens tomorrow.

@cOUrtneywaite tweets what we’re all thinking: “the new Steve Jobs movie with Ashton as Steve, looks sooooo good! #iwannaseeit     but is the story too soon?” We think it might be, Courtney. We’re not done grieving either.


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