Vin’s Done It Again!

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The numbers agree: sci-fi action sequel Riddick is a Riddick-ulous success!

That’s right, folks, Vin Diesel has done it again! The ex-actor’s latest flick absolutely slaughtered the competition with an estimated $186 million in receipts. Industry insiders are predicting an even stronger second weekend as word of mouth spreads. Good luck, Vinny! (We doubt you’ll need it.)

Second and third place films didn’t fare as well, unfortunately. Historical drama The Butler grossed roughly $9 million while Instructions Not Included, an independent comedy about tiny spaceships saving an apartment building, pulled in a measly $8 million.

Next weekend sees the release of the highly anticipated horror sequel Insidious: Chapter 2 and the new Robert De Niro film The Family Man.

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Vin’s Done It Again!