Ocean’s Eleven 2


The critics agree: Ocean’s 11 is a great movie! Upon its release, it was both a critical success AND a commercial hit. So why wasn’t there ever a sequel?

No doubt, it’s probably tough to get a cast that handsome and talented back together. But if Arrested Development can return for a fourth season on Netflix, surely George Clooney & Co. can do the same.

The first Ocean’s took place in Las Vegas, so a sequel would have to go bigger in order to be better. And what better place to go big than in beautiful Atlantic City, NJ? The movie could then feature a lot of fun celebrity cameos like Donald Trump, Dom Irrera, and Joe Conklin.

So let’s make it happen, Hollywood! You bring us Ocean’s 11 2 and we’ll bring you $8-$15, depending on our location and the time of day.

Deal? Deal!

Ocean’s Eleven 2