Chasing Amy 2


The critics agree: the only thing better than a new Kevin Smith flick is seeing him dig even deeper into his older material!

Why? Our reasoning is simple: Clerks 2 is better than Clerks, so wouldn’t Chasing Amy 2 be better than Chasing Amy? The answer: YES! OF COURSE!

Here’s how we see the sequel playing out: while Chasing Amy is a fantastic movie, a lot of viewers leave frustrated that they never got to meet, let alone see, the titular Amy. And so we’re going to correct that in Chasing Amy 2, as we watch Silent Bob chase his long-lost love Amy. Will he catch her? Well, you’ll have to pay $8-$15 (depending on your location, as well as the time of day) to find out!

Chasing Amy 2 could obviously feature a lot of great cameos too. One idea we had: Alyssa switches teams yet again, and winds up with Holden! We also learn through Banky that the threesome proposed in Chasing Amy happened after all. This isn’t just a great nod to the first film, but lays the groundwork for a potential Chasing Amy 3 plot!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We want to see Chasing Amy 2 because it’s about time Kevin Smith had the chance to play the lead in one of his own films. In fact, given what a powerful movie this could be, perhaps we should call it Chasing Oscar … because it’s bound to win some gold!

As for who will play Amy? Well, we think the part should go to Linda Fiorentino, considering how much she loved working with Kevin Smith (and vice versa) on Dogma.

Reunited … and it feels so good!

Chasing Amy 2