The Small, Silver Screen!


The numbers agree: America loves NCIS!

The crime thriller topped the box office this week with a haul of $12.2 million. Its competition was right on its heels, though! 60 Minutes pulled in $11.1 million, barely nudging out The Big Bang Theory, which made $11 million. Most impressive, though, was how NCIS managed to beat out its own sequel, NCIS: Los Angeles, which finished in fifth place.

While the battle was fierce at the top of the box office, it was pathetic at the bottom. Last week’s champ Gravity failed to make the top ten, while Tom Hanks’s new film Captain Phillips didn’t even chart. This may spell the end for America’s favorite actor.

1. NCIS — $12.2 million
2. 60 Minutes — $11.1 million
3. The Big Bang Theory — $11 million
4. NBC Sunday Night Football — $10.4 million
5. NCIS: Los Angeles — $9.4 million
6. The Voice: Tuesday — $8.8 million
7. Dancing with the Stars — $8.5 million
8. The Voice — $8.4 million
9. We’re The Millers — $8.1 million
10. Tyler Perry’s Person of Interest — $7.9 million

The Small, Silver Screen!