Collaboration Is Fun!


The numbers agree: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa should really be titled Jackass Presents: Good Box Office* because the film took the No. 1 spot this weekend with $32 million.

The second new release this week is The Counselor, but unfortunately it’s going to need to seek counseling for all the grief it must be experiencing.** Why is it sad? Well, it only made $8 million, good for a mere fourth place.

The only other significant release of the weekend was Blue Is The Warmest Color. A bunch of perverts managed to hand it $101 thousand.

* NOTE FROM NICK: This is really funny. Good work, man. Just excellent word play.***

** NOTE FROM NICK: This is really clever. Excellent job, brother. Just incredibly conceived and executed.****

*** NOTE FROM JOHN: Thanks a lot, partner. I really appreciate the constructive feedback.

**** NOTE FROM JOHN: That makes me happy, collaborator. I enjoy your helpful notes on my writing.

Collaboration Is Fun!