Free Birds

The critics agree: Free Birds should be called $100 Birds, because it would still be worth every penny!

Entertainment Weekly‘s Stephan Lee proclaims: “The good news: … You … have to sit through Free Birds.” Because it’s so good!

Variety‘s Justin Chang lashes out at those critiquing the film, saying: “Oh, lighten up, it’s only a kids’ movie.”

RedEye’s Matt Pais says the “jokes” are “funny” because they have “extra time to breathe” thanks to director/co-writer Jimmy Hayward.

The Village Voice‘s Stephanie Zacharek believes the film is so good that it deserves to be “ingested by a gang of ravenous humans.” Sold!

The Wrap’s Alonso Duralde puts it plainly: “it’s just … funny, pilgrim.”


Free Birds