Thor: The Dark World


Each Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans! Here’s what you’re saying tomorrow’s new release Thor: The Dark World:

@TheSuperCal tweets: “Is it Thorsday yet? I mean… Thursday? I can’t wait until Thorsday. It’s going to be an amazing day…”

@najamo writes: “It’s Thorsday! It’s not but I’m going to see Thor tomorrow so I’m gonna watch Thor at work thus Thorsday.”

@Gryffindorian_ marvels: “I ordered Thor on DVD and it’s supposed to arrive on Thursday and I’m laughing bc Thursday = Thorsday LOL AHAHAHAHH”

@cyntheeez notes: “I’m soooo excited for Thorsday! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s almost finally here!”

@velse explains: “Going to see Thor. You could say that today is Thorsday. But you’d be wrong; it’s Monday. #hilarity”

@WeWillBonzai mentions: “I think it’s lame that Thor: The Dark World doesn’t come out on Thursday. You know the day named for him…. #Thorsday”

@jbtbmbrlls gushes: “It’s a happy thorsday after all! Lol! Marvel movies are too awesome. #ThorDarkWorld”

@Poottypaaat ejaculates: “I know it’s saturday, but for me it’s THORSDAY!!!!!! :)”

@Koh_SW jokes: “When is Thors’ birthday? IT’S THORSDAY!!!”

@matabangutak thorsdays: “Kaya ngayon showing ang THOR dahil THORsday ngayon tapos ocTHORber THORtyOne.”

Thor: The Dark World