Justin Long


The critics agree: why review movies when you can review actors?

That’s right, today we’re talking all about Justin Long, who’s not appearing in one or two new movies opening this weekend, but THREE.

Here’s what the critics are saying about Justin’s new films:

on Best Man Down:
Madison Movie’s Rob Thomas writes, “the only one who really makes an impression in the cast is” Justin Long, “who in that opening scene and a couple of flashbacks, brings a messed-up soulfulness to Lumpy that’s worth exploring.”

on A Case of You:
Andy Webster of The New York Times says the film, which Long also co-wrote, is “imbued with deep, honest feelings.” He also notes that Long’s performance is “joyous.”

on Thor: The Dark World:
Beliefnet’s Nell Minow explains that Justin Long “is clearly having a blast as a god who lives for chaos and brings a jolt of pure devilish pleasure to every scene he is in.”

Justin Long