Comic Books Are In Right Now!

The numbers agree: people sure do love comic book characters!

The Batman/Thor blockbuster mash-up Thor: The Dark Knight walloped the competition this weekend, pulling in $86.1 million.

Its closest competition came from Jackass Presents: Badass Grandpa, which made a measly $11.3 million.  Free Bird was close on its heels with $11.18 million, and Lost Vegas was close on that film’s heels with $11.1 million. Indeed, it was a close race for sucking compared to Thor and Batman, who are badasses.

Next week’s race should be an exciting one, as Batman and Thor go head-to-head with the Man of Steel, who returns to the silver screen in The Best Superman Holiday.

Come back to this space next week for a full report.

Comic Books Are In Right Now!