Kissing And Telling!


The numbers agree: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won the box office this weekend, pulling in $161 million. Speaking of winning, I totally won the heart of Jenna with last week’s report, and she agreed to go on another date with me!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire really did catch fire, trouncing the nearest competition by $150 million. Speaking of catching fire, I totally caught fire because Jenna not only went on that second date with me, she also stayed over at my place! High five!

The sequel to the original Hunger Games shattered records, becoming the top-grossing November film of all-time. Speaking of shattering, I totally shattered Jenna’s vag Saturday night.

The only other new release to place in the top ten was Delivery Man, but whatever, I got laid this weekend.

Kissing And Telling!