Eight Crazy Nights

The critics agree: Eight Crazy Nights makes converting to Judaism seem not crazy at all!

CHUD.com’s Eileen Bolender raves: “Whether you continue to nurse on the comforts of the familiar television style fullscreen presentation or have made the jump to the obvious superiority of widescreen, you’re covered here.”

Roger Ebert calls it “a jolly animated holiday funfest.”

James Berardinelli of ReelViews gushes: “It features a dog.”

Eric D. Snider of EricDSnider.com writes: “This work may not be transmitted via the Internet, nor reproduced in any other way, without written consent from Eric D. Snider.”

Combustible Celluloid’s Jeffrey M. Anderson thinks Eight Crazy Nights is “smooth” and “earnest.”


Eight Crazy Nights