Christmas with the Kranks

The critics agree: Christmas with the Kranks is a true testament to the birth of Jesus Christ!

Felix Vasquez, Jr. at Cinema Crazed raves, “I’ve yet to see a film with Tim Allen that I found to be really bad.”

Empire‘s Anna Smith calls it an “adaptation of John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas.” Nothing like an adaptation of fine literature!

J.R. Jones of The Chicago Reader disagrees, describing it as “John Grisham’s best-selling novella ‘Skipping Christmas.'”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post loved the film so much that they published two reviews. Michael O’Sullivan explains that “the best scene in the movie” comes when “they were sacrificing goats in their back yard,” while Stephen Hunter praises the film’s ability “to evoke the nuances of satire.”


Christmas with the Kranks