New Year’s Evil


The critix agree: there’s no better way to watch movies than at home on your computer! And if you’re watching movies at home on your computer, there’s no better choice than the 1980 slasher and serial killer movie New Year’s Evil!

New Year’s Evil is available to watch via Netflix Instant and stars Roz Kelly, Kip Nevin and New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what your fellow Netflix users are saying:

  • “I vaguely remember seeing this as a small child.”
  • “This movie is like a typhoon on a windshield wiper. Cats are meowing like crazy and deer are howling at the moon. And I just saw a car turn into a vacuum cleaner…swear to God!”
  • “Another movie to add to the long list of worst movies ever made.”
  • “Remembered it from the 80s because of the partial nudity and the music. Doesn’t appeal now.”
  • “No special effects. No interesting murders.”

Everyone here at The Critics Agree would like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year’s Evil!

New Year’s Evil