PODPARAZZI: We Hate Movies

The critics agree: the only thing more fun than listening to The Critics Agree: The Podcast is listening to any other movie podcast!

Today, we’re featuring the podcast We Hate Movies. As far as we can tell, it’s not hosted by any actors, actresses or television writers, so it’s probably not as good as the other shows we’ve featured here on Podparazzi.

Here’s what iTunes critics have to say about this popular show:

  • Ryumoau exclaims, “BMFcast does the bad movie podcast thing way better. They are much funnier and less offensive.”
  • Attack Crow raves, “If I wanted to listen to all that gratuitous profanity I’d go listen to a bunch of construction workers at a bar and probably enjoy it more than I did the show!”
  • Roleman gushes, “I don’t think these idiots understand that movies aren’t reall, therefore not everything has to be realistic.” Don’t you mean “reallistic,” Roleman?
  • iamtheb shares, “I liked what I could hear, but honestly, that wasn’t a lot.”
  • miggetymikes offers, “I hate baseball; maybe I should start a baseball podcast.” If you record it, they will come, Mike!
PODPARAZZI: We Hate Movies