Mr. BoxOfficeMan


The numbers agree: new movies suck!

I, Frankenstein was the highest-placing new release this weekend. It finished in 6th. How pathetic, right? If we were able to make a movie to release in 2,000+ theaters, it would at least finish in the top 3.

Of course, the Aaron Eckhart film looked like a smash success when compared to Beatles documentary Gimme Shelter, which finished in flippin’ 22nd place. Is there an Oscar for sucking at the box office? If so, congrats to this movie!

But maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on these new releases. After all, they were going up against some tough competition. We’re talking about movies that are both critical and audience darlings:

  1. Ride Along ($21.1 million)
  2. Lone Survivor ($12.6 million)
  3. The Nut Job ($12.3 million)
  4. Frozen ($9 million)
  5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ($8.8 million)

Check back in next week when That Awkward Moment and Labor Day duke it out for box office supremacy. And in related news, early congratulations to Kevin Hart for winning the box office again next week.

Mr. BoxOfficeMan