Kirk Cameron’s Back, Baby!


The Critics Agree has exclusively learned that Kirk Cameron is returning to a DVD player or Home Theater PC near you with the film Mercy Rule.

In the above trailer, Kirk Cameron debuts a new approach to movie previews by introducing his film, and then selling it to you after the preview. In between, there’s baseball and rock music. This is truly exciting stuff.

In addition to Cameron, the film stars Kirk’s smoking hot wife, the Here Comes the Boom guy, and the Chick-fil-A song guy. This is an A-list cast in an A-list movie that Cameron has refused to screen in theaters because his fans demanded it be made immediately available on DVD and for download. That seems like a dick move by his fans, but whatever, Cameron is a swell guy and apparently someone you can walk all over.

We won’t be reviewing Mercy Rule here on the site, unfortunately, because Cameron makes it clear that the film is made for families, and Nick and I both don’t have one. If we do acquire one, though, we’ll be sure to nab the DVD.

Congrats, Kirk. This looks like a sure thing — a touchdown, if you will!

Kirk Cameron’s Back, Baby!