Our Ears Are Burning!

Here at The Critics Agree, we’re quite used to being the ones who do the reviewing, so it was quite a turn of events to find ourselves being reviewed this afternoon. The lovely fan base of The Flop House¬†(can we call you Floppers?) decided to review us in their Facebook group today, and had some lovely things to say:

  • Alex R. gave us a “positive” review!
  • Chuck W. had a lot of “praise”!
  • Phil G. “‘raves'” about TCA!
  • Kitty Q. describes “the delight I get from just looking at that” web site.
  • Aimee M. thinks our site is “good.”
  • Alex R. reiterated that he left with an “overwhelmingly positive” impression.
  • Chad F. called us “so funny.”
  • Ian W. shares a bit too much, though, noting that he “came” after browsing the site.
  • Glen G. believes we deserve “a larger audience.” Right on!
  • Gena R. calls us “good.”
  • Cindy C. explains: “Their reviews are so ‘carefully’ written.” Thanks, Cindy! Always nice when people notice the effort.
  • Christian B. gushes that we’re “obviously funny.”
  • John S. exclaims, “!”
  • Sarah H. says this “isn’t the ugly duckling” of the internet. Um, thanks!
  • Justin B. proclaims that The Critics Agree is “a bunch of noise signifying nothing.”
  • Kyle G. describes us as “bold.”

Flop House co-host Stuart Wellington seems to be the only one who dislikes The Critics Agree, calling the site “shit.” Oh well. We’ll survive with the 99% of love showered upon us today. Thanks a lot, Floppers.

Our Ears Are Burning!