PODPARAZZI: Comedy Film Nerds


The critics agree: the only thing more fun than listening to The Critics Agree: The Podcast is listening to any other movie podcast!

Today, we’re featuring the podcast Comedy Film Nerds, hosted by stand-up comic Chris Mancini and Doug Benson’s personal driver Graham Elwood.

Here’s what iTunes critics have to say about this popular show:

  • Jackie Chan Solo writes, “Movies are fun and entertaining and your criticizing is not.”
  • we4bluemels raves, “After 10 minutes, this podcast hasn’t made me laugh.”
  • GodsAreMonsters proclaims, “I’m looking at you kitten hands.”
  • ConstantPracticer gushes, “I know this reviewer will probably be dismissed as a whiny, humorless tool, and that’s fine.”
  • mike1026 notes, “it cuts off around 15min. please fix”
PODPARAZZI: Comedy Film Nerds