The critix agree: there’s no better way to watch movies than at home on your computer! And if you’re watching movies at home on your computer, there’s no better choice than the gritty action thriller Safe!

Safe is available to watch via Netflix Instant and stars Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, and Robert John Burke.

Here’s what your fellow Netflix users are saying:

  • “This is my first time watching it and let me tell you, it was worth watching!”
  • “*****EXCELLENT!!!!! WOW!!!! SURPRISE!!!!!”
  • “Statham delivers a lot of band for the buck!”
  • “Violence, language (moderate amount–not the typical excessive vulgarity of many films today), NO sexuality or nudity.”
  • “It’s all action and NO trace of love story…thank GOD!! (and I’m an atheist).”

Netflix Instant, you’ve done it again!