Endless Love

The critics agree: the only disappointment is the misleading title, as we wish this great movie never ended!

Daniel M. Kimmel of NorthShoreMovies.net calls this remake “satisfying.”***

Digital Spy’s Emma Dibdin raves, “Let’s be young and dumb just for one night.”

The List’s Rob Carnevale spoils part of the movie, so readers beware… Seriously, we’re about to quote the spoiler … Did you leave? Yes? Good … Rob notes that Endless Love features “Tom Cruise in a minor role as an arsonist.” Very cool!

RedEye’s Matt Pais describes the movie as “super hot and deserving of makeout sessions.”

TimeOut’s Trevor Johnston says this rom-com had him “laughing out loud.”



*** Approximately two hours after posting this, Mr. Kimmel contacted The Critics Agree with some disturbing news. He writes:

Please remove the claim that I called the “Endless Love” remake “satisfying.” ┬áThat is a complete misrepresentation of my actual review which trashed a terrible and misbegotten film.

We rushed to address Mr. Kimmel’s concern, as the post was likely screwed up by our incompetent and unpaid intern POB, but we found that Mr. Kimmel’s issue was unfounded. Please see the 104th word in the 1st paragraph of his review for confirmation that he uses the word “satisfying.”

We reported this to Mr. Kimmel, but he had some unkind words for us in reply:

I was quoting another review were I said the BOOK was more “satisfying” than the movie. Take down the quote NOW or I will not only start badmouthing your site as irresponsible liars but I will notify both the professional organizations I am in to be on the look out for your scam site.

We are embarrassed for Mr. Kimmel, as this is no way for movie lovers to talk to one another. What’s a shame is that I doubt any of this would be happening if we were talking in-person. In fact, if we just sat down with a round of ice cold Michelob Lights, we are certain that we’d share a few laughs together. I bet we’d even wind up talking about how much we all loved Endless Love.

We hope Mr. Kimmel will cease his war against us. We are desperately trying to gain access to critic screenings, and worry that his power and influence at professional organizations will set our cause back years.

Endless Love