The Burn Ward!

The numbers agree: nobody had a need for Need for Speed, but people really did rise for 300: Rise of an Empire and Sherman for Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

The latter finished in first place, while the former finished second and the pre-former finished third. (Hope that’s clear.)

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club finished in fifth, proving that MILF actually stands for “Movie I Literally Forgot (came out this weekend).”

Veronica Mars finished in tenth place, which makes sense. Given the sorry state of our space program, it’s clear no one gives a shit about Mars. We also don’t care about Uranus, as That Awkward Moment finished in 29th place.

Finally, Jason Bateman’s Bad Words debuted with a whopping $120 thousand, so we guess that the bad words about Bad Words are “this stinks” and “who the hell would want to see this?”

Sick burns this week, eh folks? Check back next week for more.

The Burn Ward!