Cougar Club


The critix agree: there’s no better way to watch movies than at home on your computer! And if you’re watching movies at home on your computer, there’s no better choice than the raunchy late night comedy Cougar Club!

Cougar Club is available to watch via Netflix Instant and stars Faye Dunaway, Carrie Fisher, and Joe Mantegna.

Your fellow Netflix users are raving:

  • “So some people might have thought this was a ridiculous movie, but I actually found it hilarious.”
  • “The guys love older woman and they start a group for young men to meet and bang older woman”
  • “bare T&A no, but bare Ts, G-stringed As, and sex under covers, yes!”
  • “Maybe its just me, but I love this movie. Probably because its about MILFs and Cougars, and I love MILFs and Cougars. As a matter of fact im dating one right now.”
  • “You will just laugh over the crazy things in this movie, like ‘file cabinet humping with a little rubber wrestling figure’……JUST HILLARIOUS!!and yes the boobs are great as well.”

Forget Sam’s and BJ’s Wholesale, we’re joining Cougar Club!


Cougar Club