The Other Woman

Each Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans! This week, we surveyed Twitter and saw that you guys are ready to explode for The Other Woman:

@whatevariana saw the film and notes, “Kate upton should win an oscar !! #favactress”

@J_Jiggity also saw the film and proclaims, “how many gallons of ejaculate do you think kate upton is responsible for”

@mariaa_bee91 chimes in with a review as well: “kate upton just gave every dude in that audience a boner”

@frickinmeg may have been at the same screening, as she writes, “every guys dick in the audience just went whoa bc kate upton”

Lucky @MattCapozzi apparently has a screener at home: “Kate upton just made me cum threw the tv”

The Other Woman