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Welcome to TRAILER TALK!

In this groundbreaking new feature, we’ll post a movie trailer and provide insight from five beloved YouTube users who share our great taste in film. It’s just like our movie reviews, but totally different!

Enough blabbering eh? On with the show!

Karlis Liepa raves, “Just legalize weed so all these bullshit movies and money ‘extortions’ can stop.”

John Hernandez proclaims, “wow about time they give to us chubbies lol..”

mazaisvilijs gushes, “ah this was shit movie, very boring and in russian language”

Walt Hermosa notes, “I’m sorry dude it’s not that I can’t read ass hole, I got confused like you probably got confused you see we human beings we make mistakes unlike you, but you probably are a mistake so I don’t know why you wouldn’t understand”

Christian El Duro writes, “thats not a comedy movie”