Welcome to TRAILER TALK!

In this groundbreaking new feature, we’ll post a movie trailer and provide insight from five beloved YouTube users who share our great taste in film. It’s just like our movie reviews, but totally different!

Enough blabbering eh? On with the show!

krisk kmp raves, “It looks so good !!!”

sarrjel proclaims, “Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler should just get married. There in enough movies together.”

Hazardous Gamer writes, “I haven’t liked the past few Adam Sandler movies but this one looks good.”

Johnny Tey notes, “Nothing can top 50 First Dates. They seem to have lost some of their chemistry here.”

Gaz Freeman gushes, “corect me if lm wrong …this movie is the version of the movie ‘ Just go with it ‘ but a different bitch and a different place not Hawaii this time its AFRICAA.”