The critics agree: the only thing more fun than listening to The Critics Agree: The Podcast is listening to any other movie podcast!

Today, we’re featuring the podcast Film Junk, which is hosted by three guys named Sean, Jay and Frank. They’re apparently from Canada, wherever that is.

Here’s what iTunes critics have to say about this popular show:

  • Deluxe Legend raves, “I should be able to listen to any podcast and enjoy any episode.”
  • Deluxe Legend adds, “The fact that this podcast was nominated for podcast award indicates to me that it is a steaming pile of excrement that needs to get flushed in the toilet.”
  • Pherfer gushes, “It’s like listening to four frat brothers talking smack about movies … I love raunchy, crass humor.”
  • Deejay_first proclaims, “Denzel Washington threw a vodka bottle at a picture of his family.”
  • Miss Hessah enthuses, “I download it to my ipod, then streamed it through Sticher App.”