A Million Ways to Die in the West

Welcome to TRAILER TALK!

In this groundbreaking new feature, we’ll post a movie trailer and provide insight from five beloved YouTube users who share our great taste in film. It’s just like our movie reviews, but totally different!

Enough blabbering eh? On with the show!

Ashneel Singh writes, “phaaahahaaaha. wait.. phahahaaaa… ok…lemme jus phahahaaa….”

obama grozzar asks, “Anyone else notice him saying Mila Kunis during the indian scene?”

Amine Mebarki comments, “what sort of hat does seth macfarlane wear in this trailer :)”

John Do notes, “I got a feeling Seth is going to be great at acting and probably better than his other talent as voice actor! And oh, this movie looks fun!”

Daliano Faneite explains, “Omg all i hear is Brian talking lol”