PODPARAZZI: The Golden Briefcase


The critics agree: the only thing more fun than listening to The Critics Agree: The Podcast is listening to any other movie podcast!

Today, we’re featuring the podcast The Golden Briefcase, hosted by Mr. Tim Buel, Mr. Jeremy Kirk and Mrs. Special Guests.

Here’s what iTunes critics have to say about this popular show:

  • Science raves, “If you want goofball frat-boy types who say ‘cool’ and ‘man’ after every sentence while audibly drinking beverages (think that’s a nitpick? try listening to people slurp with headphones on) then by all means subscribe.” Cool! Will do.
  • lochland gushes, “I’m standing by my original review.”
  • SplitReelRadio loves the “meandering mess of a final segment.”
  • Dr. M R proclaims, “FYI, my recent two-star review was pulled without my consent.”
  • Josephy Sibley notes that the podcast is “Not too highbrow, but at the same time not being too lowbrow.” In other words, it has achieved perfect brow.
PODPARAZZI: The Golden Briefcase