PODPARAZZI: Screen Rant Underground


The critics agree: the only thing more fun than listening to The Critics Agree: The Podcast is listening to any other movie podcast!

Today, we’re featuring the podcast Screen Rant Underground, hosted by Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio and Kofi Outlaw in a fight club.

Here’s what iTunes critics have to say about this popular show:

  • Duskangels raves, “I can’t stand to hear The LORDS name in vain!”
  • Shawnzulma gushes, “Sometimes they bicker slightly over difference of opinion regarding the goings on in Hollywood like Charlie Sheen.”
  • Thomas J04 describes the show as “Ebert and Roeper boringness.”
  • Everyday Movie Lover has his own bone to pick: “Despite the site’s name, they don’t really ‘rant’.”
  • Bobman0 agrees, saying he too was “fooled by the site’s name.”

This much is clear: if you’re looking for screen rants, you need to look elsewhere!

PODPARAZZI: Screen Rant Underground