Transformers: Age of Extinction

Welcome to TRAILER TALK!

In this groundbreaking new feature, we’ll post a movie trailer and provide insight from five beloved YouTube users who share our great taste in film. It’s just like our movie reviews, but totally different!

 Enough blabbering eh? On with the show!

Nate Rivers asks, “Will this movie explain the new autobots on Earth.. or no?”

ahnrina notes, “Stanley Tucci is in it so that’s cool”

Leonel Portillo explains, “Im going to watch this movie 1: I love robotic robots from outerspace and 2: I love dinosaurs”

NationNat102 comments, “To think this all started with Shia and Megan.”

Oliver Tan threatens, “They better not fuck up the Dinobots, or I’ll be pissed”