The Summer’s Sexiest Movies


In lieu of new reviews this week, we thought we’d take a broader look at summer movies and highlight some of the sexiest flicks currently in theaters. That’s right: summer isn’t just a time for explosions and car chases. There’s room for love too! Here are some of our favorite critics talking about the sexiest films of the season:

Raphael Vera went with X-Men: Days of Future Past. He writes, “The most graphic scene involves Logan getting up out of bed where he is seen nude from the back. The girl waking up next to him is in her underwear and the camera lingers on her breasts which fairly spill out of her bra.” Sounds saucy!

Raphael’s back-up pick is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He notes, “The kisses Peter and Gwen share are passionate and heartfelt but never go over the line and are always in public. Peter is seen removing the top of his costume baring his chest after a night of fighting crime.” I’m getting hot and bothered over here!

Kari Rothstein selected The Fault in Our Stars. She explains why: “We see couples kissing and groping each other. A woman is seen only in a towel. One couple engages in sex with much kissing and touching, although only her bare back and side of breast are seen. The couple is also later seen strategically covered by sheets, with her bare back visible.” Ooo! Delicious!

Kevin Burns, meanwhile, chose Neighbors. He gushes, “The profanity, the sex, and the nudity are way over the top.” Just the way we like it, Kev!

Finally, Michelle Eichler fell in love with The Other Woman. She effuses, “When Amber (the second mistress) is introduced, the audience is subjected to a full two minutes of slow motion footage of her bouncing breasts and backside in a string bikini.”

Whether you’re looking to spice things up with a loved one, or just spread a little self-love, movie critics are here to lend a hand! We hope this feature has helped.

The Summer’s Sexiest Movies