Welcome to TRAILER TALK! This week’s pick is the highly anticipated reboot of Annie. It’s a hard-knock life … for YouTube commenters!

CarlosWolfVillage racists, “Annie is not black. Wtf man.”

Brody Provost thinks he can out-racist that, writing: “what the fuck…ain’t Nobody wants to see some nappy headed pick-A-ninny Orphan you want a black orphan movie watch the blind side”

Alex Hernandez throws his hat into the ring as well: “Next time they will make a Mexican Annie or probably an Asian Annie wouldn’t be surprised cause Hollywood always ruins classics.”

SoyZuri wonders, “why are white people offended so easily”

Katahn Hardy enthuses, “Three Cameron Diaz movies this year?! Bitch is aiming for an oscar”

Danny Freeman gushes, “Everyone who said this movie sucks is a hater they’re racist and they just mad cause Jamie Foxx has money and Will Smith has money to do whatever they want.”