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Critic of the Month trophy

The critics agree: movie critics around the world really sucked in June, forcing us to vacate the June Movie Critic of the Month award. However, Ben Kendrick is killing it lately, and the critics agree that there’s been no better movie critic this month than him!

That’s right: for our sixth Critic of the Month award in 2014, we’re recognizing Ben Kendrick of ScreenRant. Mr. Kendrick has all of the qualities we love in a critic: he loves movies and loves to write about them after viewing them!

In honor of his award-winning month of work, we wanted to share several of Ben’s movie recommendations with you from the past year. This should give you a sense of his impeccable taste:

  • Like us, Ben loved A Million Ways to Die in the West. He calls the film “critically-acclaimed.”
  • Kendrick also agreed about Adam Sandler’s comedy Blended. The critics writes, “Blended is a fresh and bold new chapter in Sandler’s career.”
  • Ben thinks you should check out District 13 remake Brick Mansions. He explains, “Delamarre’s adaptation mimics the original storyline so close that there’s little reason for established fans to check out the American remake.” We agree!
  • On Pompeii, Mr. Kendrick raves about the film’s ability to “to provide impactful drama when all hell breaks loose.” Once again, we concur!
  • Finally, July’s Critic of the Month is head over heels for The Monuments Men. He gushes, “The Monuments Men is directed by George Clooney and … features thought-provoking rumination on the importance of protecting cultural paragons in a time of war and chaos. It’s a touching, … heartbreaking … and … great feature film.” Five for five! We loved this as well.

As you can see, Ben Kendrick has a broad taste in film. His palette is remarkable, and we recommend you keep tabs on him in the future. This critic is going places … aside from the movies, that is!

Congratulations, Ben, from all of us here at The Critics Agree!

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Ben Kendrick