You Damn Filthy Rich Apes!


The numbers agree: you damn dirty Apes!

That’s right, the villainous Dawn of the Planets of the Apes toppled patriotic powerhouse Transformers: Age of Extinction and America’s* sweetheart Tammy. Dawn raked in $73 million to beat Transformers at $16.5 million and Tammy at $12.9 million.

Not even United States hero Dinesh D’Souza could turn things around. Last week, he appeared poised to take the #1 spot if he could duplicate America‘s near 7,000% improvement. Alas, his film dropped 10%, good enough for only 12th place.

If Apes is to be dethroned next week, it will be felled by Sex Tape. Here’s hoping America really wants to imagine Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz having sex.


* No relation to Dinesh D’Souza’s America.

You Damn Filthy Rich Apes!