We’re Happy & Healthy!

ScarSodaThe numbers agree: Lucy is in the sky with diamonds!

That’s right: Lucy made $44 million at the box office this weekend, which can buy a lot of diamonds! That’s why we said that in the opening.

Hercules finished in second with $29 million. Contrary to our expectations, people weren’t walking up to the ticket window yelling, “HERCULES! HERCULES!” They were just saying it plainly, like, “One for Hercules please.” There’s nothing wrong with that. Missed opportunity for a hilarious movie reference is all.

And So It Goes debuted in eighth place with $4.5 million. And so it goes, And So It Goes!

A Most Wanted Man rounded up the top ten with $2.7 million. Not so wanted after all, eh fella?





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We’re Happy & Healthy!