And So It Goes

The critics agree: Reiner, Douglas and Keaton? The 70s are back, baby!

The Miami Herald‘s Connie Ogle says she left the theater “a happier, better person.”

Joe Neumaier of New York’s Daily News raves, “Diane Keaton’s upbeat Leah helps Michael Douglas’ cantankerous Oren lighten up in And So It Goes.”

The Fresno Bee‘s Rick Bentley writes, “The combination of Academy Award winners Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton with Oscar-nominated director Rob Reiner … add up to something … magical.”

Matthew Pejkovic of Matt’s Movie Reviews gushes, “Funny comedy and heartfelt romance, aimed towards the over 40 crowd, with awards aspirations for its leads.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Steven Rea describes And So It Goes as “razor-sharp and witty.”


And So It Goes

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