The Bronx Bull

Welcome to TRAILER TALK! This week’s pick is the official but unofficial Raging Bull sequel The Bronx Bull. Here’s what YouTube has to say about Martin Scorsese’s next masterpiece:

Teddy Rubskin approves, writing: “I will always support the independent spirit that really needs to make a come back in a major way! With digital production and digital distribution channels open for anyone to make movies, we should be seeing more of this …. why aren’t we??”

Larry Langan gushes, “The trailer can’t hide how tiny the sets are and how tight a budget they must have had! Looks alright, though. I’d see it.”

supercoto64 raves, “why?”

Angel King explains, “Nah…Dinero is the nigga!”

Adrian Garcia asks, “Wtf is this hahaha.”