Gone Girl

Welcome to TRAILER TALK! This week, we wanted to know what YouTube had to say about Batman’s next movie, Gone Girl. Here’s what the commenter critics had to say:

eric20ike has seen it. Here’s his review: “David Fincher must have wanted this movie to bomb.  You don’t cast Tyler Perry in your film unless you don’t give a shit about the project.”

Max Marriott asks, “Looks really good, but what the hell is Tyler Perry doing here?”

Zonstantine raves, “Yeah, the ending better not suck as much as the book. I mean, for best-selling fiction the book wasn’t that bad.”

Star Ricky Wood writes, “Wow… so excited to see this.  Can’t believe how much I’m in the trailer!”

its_only_martin gushes, “And people say that Ben Affleck can’t act and bitch about his Batman casting.. Pffff sure… Be Affleck is a great actor, now that he has also become a director. Argo, The Town, he was even the best part of Runner Runner in my opinion.. Ben Affleck is a fantastic actor which gets better and better lately”