AMC Metreon 16

metreonThe Yelpers agree: there’s no finer place to watch a movie in San Francisco than the AMC Metreon 16!

Here’s what the citizens of had to say about this fine theater:

Kevin S. writes, “Hey, chick sitting next to me. I’m sure your sleek supersophisticatd HDTV cell phone with the built-in CAT-scan and body waxing attachment is the latest thing and it improves your professional image there in the media buying department of whatever ad agency you probably work for, but when it goes off in here during a movie, it just proves you are a dense, juvenile twit with the manners of a hyena. ¬†SHUT IT!”

Kristen L. wonders, “what sort of design half-wit decided to separate the concession stands from the movie theaters? Sometimes I get mid movie cravings, but I am not going to walk 1/2 a mile to get those sugar babies…then have to wait in line again to get back into the theater. I paid 10 bucks to see that movie!”

Miriam B. raves, “There have been far too many shootings at this center’s movie theatre.”


Darrell L. asks, “whos your bitch? who is your bitch?!”

We’ll see you soon at the AMC Metreon 16, folks!

AMC Metreon 16

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