The Expendables 3


Each Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans! We were shocked to find people discussing the sexual politics of America alongside the weekend’s biggest release, The Expendables 3. Here’s a taste of what y’all are tweeting:

@onlywayisgay_ writes, “Dan Osborne Shows Off Impressive Bulge In Tight Cream Trousers At The Expendables 3 Premiere:… #owg #gay #celeb”

@kjsenger15 wonders, “I wonder what the biggest budget line item was for the filming of Expendables 3. Metamucil or Ben Gay?”

@julesisnotfunny tweets, “IDK what u or ur government or ur church say, Dad. Doin nude Judo wit ma bros after 6 shots of Jaeger and an Expendables marathon is not gay”

@aqualec explains, “Not sure why, but every time I see these “Expendables 3” posters it makes me think of a gay porno full of old guys.”

@GameBuddy offers his review: “I’ve seen Expendables and to be honest it felt like a 70 year-old unironic circle jerk and was so confusing”

The Expendables 3

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