Welcome to TRAILER TALK! This week, we wanted to know what YouTube had to say about Harry Potter’s next film, Horns. Here’s what the commenter critics had to say:

Dillon the Hacker raves, “Deep down in your hearts you know there aint but one devil in this world, and you’re looking at him. Those of you who disrespect me in fiction will reap what you sow.”

Flipsider Films writes, “This movie makes me strangely horny… anyone else? Just me? Ok.”

SoCoolScienceShow gushes, “Man after potter this dudes film career can be summed up in one flush of a toilet.”

Katherine notes, “90% of the comments are about Harry Potter.”

Natascha Scha wonders, “wait.. is he trying to talk in an american Accent here? or am i just imaging that?”


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